Audience Reviews

"Having been to a number of Coro performances, I always expect great things. I have often said that Coro Allegro is probably the most professional and recordable chorus Boston has to date. For me as a creative professional in the visual arts, music is very important for conveying emotion. The phrasing, the tempo, rhythm, all these components underscore and sometimes intensify what happens on screen. In this way, I connect more deeply with Coro's music. I've often said that their performances are very visual in nature. As the performers sing, one can easily imagine the context on the song unfolding before them. In this case, it was "The Frogs", where you could almost literally see the sun rising over a pond and hear the frogs chorus greeting it. To say that the chorus is moving is putting it mildly. I have literally been moved to tears on several occasions, this concert being one of them. The beauty and harmony of their voices is inspiring. If you haven't seen them yet - GO!"

- Sean

"This was my first Coro Allegro concert and I was astounded by the quality of the performance. I was told afterward that the acoustics in the vast, open space of the church made things tricky for the performers to hear themselves, but you never would have known this even in the back of the hall; everything was tight and clear. This concert covered a wide expanse of time from the Renaissance to Bernstein's 20th century contributions and the chorus sang each piece on the program with period-appropriate style, with crisp consonants and spot-on tonality. A first-rate performance: Go see them!"

- Ruth

"Coro Allegro never ceases to impress. If you haven't been to one of their performances, you're missing out on some great music you probably won't hear anywhere else."

- Anonymous

"[S]o powerful, profound, intimately HUMAN. Thank you."

- Jason

"As always, Coro Allegro gave a superb performance on Sunday. Their singing is flawless and their programming stimulating...A lovely afternoon!"

- Carole

"A moving, gorgeous, breathtaking experience. The chorus, orchestra, soloists and conductor weave these pieces together with great skill and sensitivity. I have seen several of their performances now, and they never cease to amaze me with their consistent level of excellence and wonderful choice of material."

- Bonnie

"I was particularly amazed at how seamless the transitions were between instruments and vocals, and the quality of both. Truly stunning."

- Anonymous

"This was my first Coro Allegro concert and it was wonderful! What talented musicians and singers - and a beautiful performance!! I will be attending more Coro Allegro performances in the future."

- Charlene

"Never have I heard a choir sing so completely as one. Breathing together, feeling together and blending so beautifully as to make it seem as though the group possesses one beautiful voice. From the opening chords, I was transported."

- Laurel

"An utterly breathtaking performance, Coro Allegro's Fall Concert (Robert Stern's "Shofar") was magnificent to experience. This was my first Coro Allegro concert and I was transformed by the choral ensemble's treatment of this piece. Although the other works presented were performed brilliantly, the expanded oratorio of Shofar was clearly masterful. Shofar is destined to become one of the few choral works to become a modern classic in the mode of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. Thank you, Coro Allegro, for an emotionally moving and artistically satisfying afternoon of choral music."

- Kathyrn

"Coro Allegro manages to put together programs that are at the same time fresh and rooted in deep traditions. From biblical themes to the delightful rendition of 'Frogs' to the stunning images from the poetry of Mary Oliver, this performance is pure joy."

- Ken

"Absolutely wonderful, moving concert. I won't forget it."

- Stu

"This was my third Coro Allegro concert. All have been excellent and very satisfying. Wonderful selections, polished performances reflecting a many rehearsal hours, and a warm, friendly ambiance during and after the performances. Good vibes all around."

- George

"Coro Allegro was superb--we could hear every part, yet they were perfectly blended, and every word was clear, and it was a truly spirited performance."

- Susan

"The Coro Allegro Fall Concert was a fantastic musical journey. The collaborative efforts of composer, director, singers and musicians were such a joy to witness. This choral group is a gift to the city of Boston."

- Ralph

"This concert was a creative pairing of old and new choral settings, performed beautifully to a full house. The music was inspiring and uplifting, and the open reception afterwards was a welcome opportunity to chat with the performers and fellow audience members."

- Michael

"One of the strongest concerts I’ve heard in while. No weak links. Ambitious programming, stretching us all. Thank you."

- Leslie