Press Reviews

"Throughout the afternoon, Coro Allegro’s tireless and accurate sound broke forth with a distinctive character. One rarely hears straight singing paired with emotional investment like this! Shapeliness, well-considered dynamics, and youthful sound prevailed and abided with them, and in the a cappella portions, pitch never wavered. Thus sang surely one of Boston’s fine volunteer choruses. . . . the music spoke to the heart." – Lee Eiseman, Boston Musical Intelligencer

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Audience Reviews

"Yesterday we expanded our horizons. We attended a choral music concert at Sanders Theater of Boston's LGBTQ+ and Allied Classical Chorus, Coro Allegro . . . One of their singers had promised that Syrian American composer Kareem Roustom's movements, based on street chants of the Arab Spring plus Arab and Arab-American poetry of resistance and exodus, "were fire." She was right. It was so moving and so gorgeous and the poetry set to voice and orchestration was super cool."​​ – Bethany

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"The two substantial works on Coro Allegro’s welcome new disc could hardly exist in more distant worlds...These are deeply affecting pieces and meaningful additions to the choral repertoire. … The Boston‑based Coro Allegro, led by David Hodgkins, performs each score with fine balance and interplay. The ensemble singing is at all times keenly gauged to the emotional moment and the soloists bring vivid definition to their duties." - Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

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